Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I rent the facility?

A – See the Rental Request and Rental Agreement links at the top of this page.

Q – How can I donate to the Capital Improvement fund?

A – See the Capital Improvement information webpage.

Q – What was the winning name in the “Name the septic system contest”?

A – Sammie the Septic System.

Q – How do I volunteer or become a member of the Posse?

A – Send an e-mail to web@lasheriffsposse.com to receive information.

Q – How can I have a fundraising event sponsored for my non-profit organization?

A – Send an e-mail to web@lasheriffsposse.com to receive information.

Q – Does the Posse Lodge allow solicitations for people or families in need?

A – No.  The Posse Lodge does not allow outside solicitation at its events.  This includes external fundraising for people or families in need, selling cookies or magazines for schools or community organizations, etc.  Since each Posse event aims to raise funds for a specific organization, it is not fair to that organization to allow concurrent fundraising for other causes.

Posse Lodge description and Amenities

  • Reception Hall Dimensions: 58′ by 25′ feet
  • Reception Hall Capacity: 100-120 (sitting), 280 (legal limit)
  • Sitting accommodations: 13 tables (indoors), 5 picnic tables (outdoors, front porch)
  • Full kitchen with one refrigerator and a gas stove/range
  • Electrical Circuits (for DJs, etc): 15 amp circuits

Rental Fees

  • Weekend (24 hrs): 250$ + 150$ deposit
  • Week day/night event (except holidays): 125$ + 75$ deposit
  • 2 day rental: 400$+ 150$ deposit
  • Three+ days event: 400$ (first two days) and 75$ (each subsequent day) + 150$ deposit
  • Fundraisings of non-profit + schools: free on week days +75$ deposit
  • Monthly or yearly rentals: case by case (possibility of reduced rates if the organization’s members help with a breakfast)

So which is it, the lodge or the shack?

There’s been much discussion about what the name of the building is and should be. First, one thing we all agree on is that the building is not the posse. The posse is the group of people who can, at a moment’s notice, assist the sheriff. The building, whatever its name, is the posse’s meeting place. Much to many of our member’s surprise, it was discovered while preparing our application for 501(c)3 status that the official name of the building was always the posse lodge. Many in the community (which includes many of our members) though, have always known the building as the posse shack. In the end, it’s perfectly acceptable for people to call this historic building as they will, so long as they come and have fun. (Note also that Cynthia, our inventory manager, may be sometimes be caught calling the building the schlodge so as to be neutral in the debate. That name is unlikely to be recognized by many.)